Velebit Ultra Trail 2019

Velebit Ultra Trail:

spectacular ultra trail race in the last European wilderness!


Date: 21.-22.06.(June) 2019. 

Edition: 17. (since 2003.) 

Region: Zadarska and Ličko-senjska county
Location: Starigrad Paklenica / National park Paklenica / Velebit nature park 





50 miles: 80 km - 3.750mD+ / 4.650mD- 

Marathon: 42 km - 2.200mD+/-
Challenger: 28 km - 1.350mD+/-
Active: 16km - 800mD+/-

Light: 6.5km - 350mD+ 


Marked trails concept: All categories have a trail concept. All trail are official mountaneering trail and are marked with fixed mountaneering signs.

All crossroads will be additionaly marked with official straps, flags and arrows. Between crossroads you follow regular mountaineering signs.



Registration on-line:click here!

Lenght: 80 km - 3.750mD+/4.650mD- 

Start: 21.06., Friday, at 22h, Baške Oštarije

Finish: Starigrad Paklenica, 22.06. until 24:00h

Limit: 26h

ITRA & UTMB points: 4

Rekord: 13h 20min / Dane Opara, 2017

Entry fee: 50EUR

Refreshment points: 

1. Šugarska duliba / 14km (water tank)

2. Stap / 24km (water tank)

3. Rujno / 35km (water tank, Cola, bananas & competitor's bag)

4. Marasovac / 42km (water tank)

5. Sv. Ivan / 61km (water spring)

6. Ivine vodice / 65km (water tank)

7. Paklenica mountain house / 71km (water from pipe)

Map, profile and GPS log





Registration on-line:click here!

Lenght: 43 km - 2.200mD+ / 2.200mD- 

Start: 22.06., saturday, u 07:00h, Starigrad Paklenica, center

Finish: 22.06. until 20:00h, Starigrad Paklenica, center

Limit: 13h

ITRA & UTMB points: 2

Entry fee: 30EUR

Refreshment points: 

1. Paklenica mountain house / 9km (water from pipe)

2. Ivine vodice / 14km (water tank)

3. Marasovac / 24km (water tank)

5. Rujno / 31km (water tank, Cola, bananas)

Map, profile and GPS log





Registration on-line:click here!

Lenght: 28 km - 1.350mD+ / 1.350mD- 

Start: 22.06., Saturday, at 07:30h, Starigrad Paklenica, center

Finish: 22.06. do 16:30h, Starigrad Paklenica, center

Limit: 9h

Entry: 25EUR

Refreshment points: 

1. Paklenica mountain house / 9km (water tank)

2. Rujno / 16km (voda iz izvora, Cola, banane)

Map, profile and GPS log




ACTIVE 16km: 

Registration on-line:click here!

Lenght: 16 km - 850mD+ / 850mD- 

Start: 22.06., Saturday, at 07:30h, Starigrad Paklenica, center

Finish: 22.06. until 15:00h, Starigrad Paklenica, center

Limit: 7.5h

Entry fee: 23EUR

Refreshment points: 

1. Mali vaganac / 10km (water tank)

Map, profile and GPS log




LIGHT 7km:  

Registration on-line:click here!

Lenght: 6.5 km - 350mD+ 

Start: 22.06., Saturday, at 08:30h, entrance of National park Paklenica

Finish: 22.06. until 11:00h, Paklenica mountain house

Limit: 2.5h

Entry fee: 20EUR


Water on finish line. It is possible to buy drink and food in Paklenica mountain house.


Map, profile and GPS log





50 Miles: 50EUR  

Marathon 42km: 30EUR 
Challenger 28km: 25 EUR 
Active 16km: 23 EUR

Light 6.5km: 20EUR


Account / IBAN fot payment: 

Klub pustolovnih sportova  Multisport 
Draškovićeva 23
10000 Zagreb / Croatia
IBAN: HR3724840081107510763

Bank address: 
Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d.
Address: Magazinska cesta 69
Town: Zagreb, 10000
Country: Croatia


Payment and on-line registration deadline: 01.06.2019.

Note: on race registration you need to pay extra 50kn (7EUR) in cash for bank trancfer costs. 


Participation at the race includes: 
- Organization of the race
- Mountain rescue service

- Medical crew
- Refreshment points
- Transition bags and transportation (50 miles category) 
- Race promo shirt or Buff
- Race bibs
- Free entry to National park Paklenica and Velebit Park of nature
- Meal on finish line (14-20hrs)
- Race map, instructions & guide

- Finishing stamp

- Transportation to start line for 50 miles

- Finisher medals for Marathon 42 and 50 Miles categories


1. You must be on the marked trail all the times.
2. You must have all mandatory equipment.
3. You must sign up declaration about racing on your own responsibility.
4. You must have your medical check document.
5. You must obey all rules by Velebit Ultra Trail and Treking liga.
6. You must pass all CPs in numerical order depending on your category.
7. Cutting the trail is strictly forbidden.
8. On some CPs will be race officials/perforators or just signs (look at excel profile document).
9. Entire trail is marked with red/white mountaineering signs. 
10. Red/white straps and arrows will be on all crossroad. Follow red/white straps and arrows on junctions. 
11. Between crossroads you must follow red/white mountaineering signs on rocks and trees.
12. Red/white straps will not be set very frequently between junctions (average is every 100-200m).
13. Bags for 50: This is for food, drink and equipment only! Do not put valuable stuff in there!
14. We will make mandatory equipment check before the start. Prepare your first aid kit, space blanket and mobile phone for checking!
15. In the case of emergency, call some of given emergency numbers or send SMS if mobile signal is bad. You MUST contact us by calling or sending SMS to organization phone and inform us if you quit the race and if you are OK!
16. Those who will miss limits must stay on CP where limit is set and wait for transportation or take a shortcut.
17. Be aware that we can shorten the course due to weather conditions (rain or extreme heat) or other unexpected situations. 
18. Please, look for signs, read your map and instructions! Do not just run/walk without perception what is going ahead of you! This is really serious mountain and you must be concentrated as much as possible!
19. Use your race GPS log in the case if you are not sure. 


Medals or cups for first 3 places in all categories
Sponsor packages and awards



21.06., Friday:

18:00-22:30: Registration for the race, all categories, Starigrad Paklenica, Trg Stjepana Radića, / center

20:30: 50 miles bus departure for start line / Starigrad Paklenica, Trg Stjepana Radića, / center 

22:00: Start for 50 miles (Baške Oštarije)


22.06., Saturday: 

06:30-07:00: Registration for Active, Challenger & Marathon, Starigrad Paklenica, Trg Stjepana Radića, / center 

07:00-07:30: Registration for Light category 

07:00: Start for Marathon 42km

07:30: Start for Active and Challenger category

08:30: Start for Light category 

11:00: Limit for Light category

14:30: Limit for Active category

15:00: Winner ceremony for Challenger, Active & Light categories

16:30: Limit for Challenger category

17:00: Winner ceremony for 50 miles & Marathon categories

19:00: Limit for Marathon category

24:00: Limit for 50 miles category


- GPS with race log
- Mobile phone with batteries  
- Whistle 
- Space blanket
- Sun hat 
- Rain jacket (needed only in case of cold or rainy weather)
- Trash bag
- Race guide / maps / instructions VUT organization
- Copy of passport and medical insurance 

- Coup / glass for drinkong water, Cola, etc
First Aid Kit must include: 
- 1 x Self-adhesive bandage
- 1 x Elastic bandage 5-7 cm wide x 100 cm long
- 3 x Non-adhesive gauze to cover wounds
- Antiseptic (alcohol or iodine) 


- Additional equipment for 50 miles and Maratho categories: head lapm with spare batteries

- Additional equipment for 50 miles: glows / warm hat / additiopnal head lamp


ACCOMODATION: Starigrad Paklenica tourist office  
Hotels, private accomodation, camps 
Address: Trg Tome Marasovića 1, 23244 Starigrad - Paklenica
Tel/fax: +385 23 369 255, 369 245







Zadar, 35 km from Starigrad Paklenica

Zagreb, 250 km from Starigrad Paklenica

Split, 150 km from Starigrad Paklenica

Daily public bus line Zadar-Starigrad Paklenica






VELEBIT MOUNTAIN: where the mountains touch the Adriatic sea…
The mountain of Velebit has an important place in the collective conscience of the Croatian people and represents an integral part of the national identity and a symbol of Croatia as well as one of the elements of its recognition on the international stage. Velebit also holds a spiritual place in Croatian religious life through its history, position, appearance and meaning to inhabitants who live there. Velebit is the largest mountain by area in the Dinaric range. It stretches for 145 km in length between the Vratnik pass and the Zrmanja river valley and it varies in width from 30 km in the north to only about 10 km in the south. The highest point is Vaganski vrh at 1757 m. However there are also more than 50 peaks with over 1500 m elevation above sea level as well as two national parks: Paklenica and North Velebit. The entire area of Velebit has status as a Nature Park and as such is a protected area, which is Europe's greatest last true wilderness.


This mythical mountain has, in modern times, become a gladiator arena for one of the most respected sporting events in Southern Europe and certainly the biggest challenge for top athletes in the field of endurance sports. In the backdrop of the mountain, humbly and quietly, the 80 km (50 miles) mountain ultra marathon, named Velebit Ultra Trail, has been gathering the most enduring athletes of the world for past 16 years who come every year to try and match their strength against this unique and impressive mountain. The Velebit Ultra Trail is a race that every serious trail runner has to include in his or her sporting biography. The way to the finish of this Spartan race is not easy: in 50 miles of this trail and 4.000m of climb, besides a few mountain shelters, competitors will not encounter any form of civilization and will have to rely on their own skills to challenge this incredible mountain. On the way, through well established and marked Velebit pathways, competitors will pass from sea level to peaks of 1800m, being exposed to great challenges, but also to beautiful views, as every kilometer of Velebit is a story for itself. Therefore, regardless of the difficulties, any pain or fatigue will be alleviated by unforgettable views at a dozen Adriatic islands. And, of course, swimming in a turquoise sea as the greatest award on finish line!


Velebit, together with the Lika region, Zrmanja river, National Park Paklenica, National Park North Velebit, and National Park Plitvice Lakes creates a unique natural center in Europe and a natural tourist attraction which without doubt can serve as a backdrop scene for classical western films. It is no wonder then that in the 60s and the 70s, 8 parts of the cult German-French coproduction western ˝Winnetou˝ were filmed here, based on the legendary novels of Karl May. In fact this western serial being one of the most watched movies of all time in Europe, has inspired us to turn the story of Winnetou and Velebit into a tourist attraction and provide our guests with an unforgettable experience. Besides the story of Winnetou, this region, with the tourist center located in Starigrad Paklenica, offers endless opportunities for an active holiday. There are 6 National parks with a 100 km range that can be visited: Paklenica, Plitvice Lakes, North Velebit, Krka river, Una river, Kornati islands (an archipelago of 140 islands) and the must see rafting on Zrmanja river. Excellent road links, close proximity to the airport, local homemade cuisine and several tourist places and towns will surely make your visit and stay during the Velebit Ultra Trail 2016 accessible, enjoyable and memorable.